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What Can You Place In Self Storage?

Almost anything can be stored for a certain period of time in the correct environment. Perishable food is an exception to this and will not be accepted by a warehouse for storage. The following list gives you some idea of what items can be stored with your moving company or self-storage companies.

  • Computers
  • Home furnishings
  • Antiques
  • Furs
  • Linens
  • Mattresses
  • Electronic equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Pianos

If you household goods you need stored, your moving company may have a storage option available to you which may mean you will not need to seek outside self storage. It is best to check with your moving company to determine if this service is available and what the cost would be. An advantage to storing goods with your moving company is that the company will then deliver your goods and any other possessions when you are ready for them. You should also ask if you can go and collect any items from storage at any time and if you have to give any notice to do this. Families today frequently have more than one vehicle and may have a boat also that needs to be stored in the winter months. You may not have a big yard and even if you do you may not be allowed to store your boat on your property. In some cities the local ordinance does not allow boats to be store in a residential neighborhood. Many storage operations offer a multitude of other service including truck rental or even a free truck for a period of time in order to get your business. Many companies have workers who will come to your home and pack up your goods professionally, load up a truck and drive it to the storage unit. They will then unload your goods and pack them in to the storage space efficiently. Questions to ask yourself before deciding on self-storage When you are making a decision on whether to store or not to store your goods, think about the other options that may be available to you. Do you really need all the items you are planning to put in to storage? Can you get rid of any without any regrets? Remember if you are moving that everything you get rid of now is something you won’t have to move yourself or pay to have moved.

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