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Shipping Your Motorcycle

Shipping a motorcycle is definitely not the same as shipping a car or boat. There are certain specific considerations you should know about when hiring an auto-transport company to move your motorcycle. Here’s a checklist to help your motorcycle get to your new destination in one piece.

ü Clean your motorcycle: It will be helpful to you and the driver when inspecting it before shipping for any markings or damage.

ü Special operating instructions: Be sure to tell the driver about it up front.

ü Accessibility: Make sure that both your pick up and drop off locations of your motorcycle are tractor-trailer accessible.

ü The Battery: Must be secure and the battery cables must be protected from causing an electrical short. Fluids must not be leaking.

ü Weight: Know the weight of your motorcycle to avoid overbilling.

ü Fuel Tank: It should be drained. Either ride the motorcycle until it is empty, or do so manually.

ü Unlock the Steering: Make it is unlocked and remove the keys.

ü Mirrors: If possible, fold them all in.

ü Forks: Keep them unlocked.

ü Loose Items: Remove empty saddle bags, glove boxes, etc. These items will not be insured if they are included with your shipment.

ü Inventory Sheet: Maintain an inventory sheet signed by the motorcycle shipping carrier.

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