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Sell. Drive. Or Ship Your Car.

If you're moving, how will you get your vehicle to your new home? Your can choose one of three options: sell it, drive it, or ship it.

Sell it

Is it worth moving your car at all? If your car is old, or if it's unsuitable for your new area, consider selling it. You can buy another car of similar value when you arrive at your destination.

Or, if you have more vehicles than you need, this could be a golden opportunity to sell the extra car, jeep, motorcycle, RV, or boat.

Drive it

Before starting out, take the car to a mechanic to get it ready for the trip.

  • Drive your own car(s). If you have two cars, you and your spouse might consider buying two-way radios, as cell phones find a way to lose signal at the worst times! Use them to chat, coordinate pit stops, and keep track of each other's progress while on the road.
  • Put a "drive away" ad in the newspaper. You can hire someone to drive your car to your new home. You and the driver agree on a set price up front and negotiate the terms

    Hiring a driver includes obvious risks: you have never met this person, so you'll need to ask for references, and consider consulting an attorney about legal responsibility and contractual issues.

Ship it

If you want to ship your car, check with auto transport companies or vehicle relocation companies.

Ask the auto transport company the following questions:

  • Do they regularly transport the type of vehicle you own (for example, car, boat, or RV)?
  • Will your vehicle be towed or placed on a trailer? If it's put on a trailer, is the trailer open-sided or closed?
  • Will your car be insured by the moving company or by your insurance policy during transport?
  • Do they have secured parking lots at both ends of the trip?
  • How much will it cost, when is payment due, and what payment methods are accepted?
  • When will the car be delivered? To your new home or some other address?

Compare the services and costs of each company before you choose. Finally, check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are claims against any company you're considering.

Do your homework ahead of time and you’ll know you made the right decision, whether you choose to sell it, drive it, or ship it, you’ll enjoy the luxury of door-to-door delivery.

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