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Things to Know Before You Store

Here is a list of items most commonly stored away in a self-storage facility with tips on how to ensure they stay in perfect condition while you have them there.

· Freezers, refrigerators and washing machines: Make sure your goods are dry and clean before you put them into store any moisture inside can turn into mildew and eat away at your appliance.

· General Packing: Pack your items into good quality plastic or cardboard storage boxes secured with strong shipping tape and bubble wrap.

· Packing Boxes: Fill moving boxes to capacity, using soft padding where appropriate. Partially full or bulging boxes may collapse or tip over.

· Weight of Boxes: Pack heavier items like files and books in smaller boxes so they aren’t too heavy.

· Identification: Label or number boxes for easy reference and keep an inventory of what you have stored.

· Fragile Items: Protect fragile items with bubble wrap and avoid putting heavy items on top.

· Clothing: Use wardrobe boxes to keep clothes in shape. You may want to consider vacuum seal bags to keep your garments dry and insect-free.

· Do Not Store: Remove all perishable and inflammable items like food, aerosols, batteries and oil/petrol.

· Furniture: Dismantle furniture where possible and detach legs from tables and beds to save space. Place them in a box clearly marked “Furniture Legs etc.”

Getting the Most of Your Self-Storage Space

· Plan your storage in terms of easy access. Put items you may need at the front of your storage space.

· Use pallet trucks, cages or trolleys if necessary, place heavy bulky items in the unit first to create a sturdy base; then place the lighter items on top.

· Position boxes and items of similar size together to minimize wastage of space.

· Leave space for access to the rear of the unit as well.

· Place dust sheets or protective covering over soft furnishings.

· Stand mattresses on end and avoid stacking heavy items on soft furnishings. This will avoid crushing or having misshaped cushions.

· Stack chairs seat to seat.

· Use furniture covers or dust sheets between surfaces to protect wood or hard-finish items from scratches.

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