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Packing Tall Table Lamps

One major problem in packing tall lamps may be finding moving boxes large enough to accommodate the lamp. If you can't find such a carton you can purchase dish pack cartons from moving companies. Here’s how to do it:

o Remove lamp shade and bulb, Wrap cord around base of lamp.

o Line the bottom of your carton with a considerable amount of wadded-up packing paper.

o Spread out several sheets of packing paper so that your packing paper is extended longer and wider than the lamp. Place lamp in the center of your packing paper.

o Roll packing paper around your lamp. Tuck in the end to the paper at base of lamp. Use sealing tape, it necessary, to prevent end from coming apart.

o Seal the seams where packing paper overlaps around your bundle with your tape.

o Fold up other end and seal with tape, Place it in the lined carton.

If you have several tall table lamps, place them each in the carton so that the base of one lamp is next to the top of the next lamp. Alternate them. This will make them fit better in the carton.

When all lamps are packed in the carton, fill out the carton with plenty of wadded-up packing paper. Mark "FRAGILE" and "LAMPS" in large, clear letters on all sides of the carton.

Don’t Forget the Lamp Shades

Lamp shades, where possible, should be nested so that you can get two or three in a box. Use CLEAN packing paper (do not use newspaper) as protective linings between each shade. Never pack anything else with the lamp shades.

Again, be sure and mark on all sides of the carton in large, bold letters "FRAGILE", "LAMP SHADES" with your permanent marker.

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