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Packing Your Electronics

When it comes to moving stereo components, TV, VCR. DVD players, and other expensive electronic devices, packing is certainly not the time to take shortcuts. Protect your electronic goods by following these 10 hints.

  1. Follow manufacturers' advice for packing and storing. Consult the homeowner's manual or manufacturer's Web site for details.

  1. If possible, save the original boxes and packing materials for re-packing.

  1. If the original packing is not available, start with these essentials: sturdy cartons, newsprint for wrapping things up, tape, scissors and felt tip markers to number and label each box.

  1. When you disassemble electronics, such as computers, stereos and other devices that have numerous cords, place small colored stickers on each cord and the same color sticker where the cord connects to the device.

  1. Sensitive electronics such as computers and TVs may need to be stored in climate-controlled units. Seek advice from the manufacturer or your storage facility.

  1. Pace small expensive items such as stereo equipment, TVs and camcorders in unmarked boxes. At your storage facility, you can place these items out of view towards the back of the storage unit.

  1. Wrap electronics in linens or clean paper to minimize damage caused by dust inside electronic devices.

  1. Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep out the dust.

  1. For further protection, cover electronics with moving pads, sheets or light blankets.

  1. Make a complete list of the components in each box.
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