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Moving to Georgia

Moving to Georgia requires a lot of time and energy. Not only will you have to pack your physical belongings, but you'll have to reassemble your entire life.

That means transferring your records, like medical and dental records as well as school transcripts. Moving to another state is much easier if you set up shop in the new state ahead of time. Try to open up a Georgia bank account well before you arrive. It usually takes a few weeks to get an ATM card after opening an account.

If you've spent any time researching long distance movers, you've probably already read the horror stories. A shocking number of long distance movers regularly offer quotes that are just a fraction of the amount they eventually charge. You may be given an estimate of $1000 for the move, then, when all your belongings have been loaded and the truck is ready to go, you're told the move will actually cost three to four times that.

Find a company that is willing to guarantee its prices. They're rare, but not impossible to find. Don't be surprised if the estimate they quote you is higher than that of a company that won't guarantee its quotes. Remember that the company that doesn't offer a guarantee is liable to triple or even quadruple its estimate.

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