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Mattress Bags

A mattress bag is possibly the most economical moving supply purchase you can make to protect your mattress during a move. Think about all of the dust that gets stirred up when you move. After your mover handles several boxes, they are going to handle the mattress you sleep on too. A mattress bag will keep your mattress protected from dust, dirty hands and other hazards.

You never want to move your bed with the linens on. Even though they can be washed later, they may get torn or stained. A mattress bag is made with a thick plastic and can be sealed properly with packing tape. A mattress bag also makes it easier to move, because it gives movers something to hold on to.

Most moving trucks are "broom clean." That means that they have been swept of debris. Think about the amount of use rental trucks and professional moving vans get. There are often grimy spots that could damage your mattress. For the cost, you just can't beat the amount of protection and hassle savings you can get from a mattress bag. Look for great prices and a large selection for every size bed online.

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