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Long distance moving changed considerably following new policies that were put forward in the 1980s. These policy changes ultimately created a market that favors business over consumers and offers the latter comparatively little accommodation. These slipshod guidelines are also the primary reason for the widespread moving fraud observed today, and for current cried for changes in federal law.

The early structure of the moving industry had lead way to monopoly businesses that had systematically edged out the little guy. In 1980, the Household Goods Transportation Act changed all this, deregulating the field and allowing small businesses to proliferate. Although there are clearly many advantages to these changes, they have frequently caused trouble for consumers in need of long distance moving.

This act basically set up a situation in which anyone can be a licensed mover. Whereas it used to take years to secure the appropriate certifications, it now takes less than a month. This means any old person can apply for and obtain documents that allow him to move your belongings, regardless of his actual integrity or qualifications.

The competition in the long distance moving market can still be advantageous for consumers, but they need to do careful work before choosing a moving company. A check of DOT numbers and certifications is only the beginning. A thorough background search involves a check of references and moving equipment as well. Honest companies exist, but you must first weed out the second rate agencies.

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