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Interstate Moving References

Interstate moving can present an arduous challenge when you are unfamiliar with the area to which you are headed. There are all of the normal things to cover, such as insurance, car registration, and banking in your new hometown. Unfortunately, there is also the more fundamental matter of whether your chosen moving company can actually get you there effortlessly.

It is difficult to inform people about the challenges of moving and the potential for fraud without seeming a bit paranoid or alarmist. Yet, the moving industry remains one of the most poorly regulated markets and customers are truly at a disadvantage if they enter the moving process uninformed. Although this applies to all moves, people who require interstate moving are especially vulnerable.

It is most reassuring to go with countrywide van lines with offices across the nation, as this ensures that the moving compay can successfully move your belongings. At the same, bigger is not necessarily a guarantee of better service, and there are tales of all sorts of bad experiences with the well-established names as well. Your best bet: Individual references.

Many people come through the moving process unscathed, and they are your very best resources. Find out who they used, check the DOT numbers for certification and insurance, and then make sure your moving company uses trucks clearly marked with the company logo. Legitimate companies do not rely on rental trucks that are not subject to federal checkpoints; they use their own trucks and their own experienced and identifiable drivers.

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