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Furniture Blankets

When you move, be sure to order plenty of furniture blankets to cover all of your wood, glass and metal furniture. Even the best moving company will tell you that furniture is at risk of being scratched or damaged during a move. Being carried through multiple doorways, having things stacked on them, riding in the truck are all potential hazards to your furniture.

You never want to rely on anything less than professional furniture blankets or furniture pads. Often people will use old blankets, sheets or towels to cover their furniture during a move. Rarely, if ever, do your home blankets offer the thickness and padding that furniture blankets do.

Furniture blankets are specially designed with thick batting and quilting that provides a soft cushion to protect your furniture. What could be a defacing scratch on an unprotected or poorly protected table is absorbed by a furniture blanket and therefore avoided. Furniture pads are easy to keep on with packing tape, so you don't have to worry about having string or other supplies to keep them on your furniture.

It's a good idea to take a measurement and approximate how many furniture blankets you'll need to cover all of your furniture. A helpful rule for dressers and desks is one blanket for the top and one blanket for the front. It's better to have too many, than not enough.

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