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If you're on your own and moving a small truckload across town, it might be an easy decision to grab a couple of good friends, find a truck, and move yourself. If your company is transferring you to another city and paying for the move, or you're a five-person household in a four-bedroom home it's probably just as easy a decision to let professional moving companies handle it.

But what if your move falls somewhere in between? How do you decide whether you should hire a professional moving company or do it yourself.

The benefits of doing it yourself

  • You spend less money if you pack and load yourself.
  • You save money by borrowing or renting a truck that you drive yourself.
  • Packing and moving yourself gives you more control. Because you're responsible, you always know what's happening at every stage of the move.
  • Self-storage can be more affordable and flexible. Plus, you can access your belongings anytime.

The benefits of hiring professional movers

It might be worth the money to hire professionals who do this for a living. You'll spare yourself anxiety, not to mention your back!

Moving companies have fleets of well-maintained trucks designed for moving, with suspension systems that are easier on your fragile belongings. And the drivers are professionals. And driving a huge moving truck across country is something most of us don’t know how to do or are qualified for. Professional movers do this for a living and are skilled in handling your belongings. Should something happen to your items, the movers will be liable.

Doing it yourself—what you should know

First, check the amounts and costs of packing supplies you'll need. Next, look at what you'll need to move, especially large, awkward, and heavy items such as refrigerators, furniture, and pianos.

  • Decide whether you and your moving crew (family and friends) are willing and able to move them. Do you have volunteers with the brawn, reliability, know-how, and will to help you move? Calculate the costs of the truck and other moving equipment that you will need.
  • Check with your insurance agent about coverage options for a move. Your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover belongings while in transit. But you might be able to buy a rider that provides such coverage.
  • Check your auto insurance for coverage of the truck you will be renting or borrowing. While your insurance might cover rented passenger vehicles, it probably won't cover rented commercial trucks.
  • Decide whether you feel comfortable driving a rental truck or towing a trailer or car. If you lack confidence, find a friend who can help.

If you're considering self-storage, visit various facilities. Check into sizes, prices, availability, security, etc.

Hiring a mover—what you need to know

If you have a huge amount of belongings, a large family, valuable antiques or multiple vehicles, you’ll require the expertise of the professional movers.

If your time is scarcer than your money, then hire the job out. Packing and moving yourself can be really time-consuming.

f you have back problems, you really should not be doing any heavy lifting and moving. Even if you don't have back problems, one careless lift could cost you in medical and physical therapy bills.

When hiring professional moving companies obtain several bids for the job. Examine them closely to learn of any extra charges, such as for supplies, labor, overtime, pianos, vehicles, mileage or storage.

Get the cost and coverage of the different levels of insurance provided by the moving company.

If you'll need storage, visit the company's storage facilities and get cost estimates. Be aware that because your belongings are stacked in containers, once in there you won't be able to easily access your items.

Consider Self-Moving Companies

It's your move. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can handle certain aspects of the move yourself and have others done by the Self-Moving company. Here’s how it works:

They deliver specially designed, weather resistant containers and packing supplies to your home, apartment, or business.

You pack your belongings at your leisure. For extra safety, you secure your container with your own lock.

Professional drivers pick-up and transport your containers to their new destination or into storage based on your wishes.

To make the best decision, discuss your options with a moving company representative. They know that every household move is unique and can help you develop the scenario and estimate that fits your effort level, your schedule and your budget.

Whether you choose to move yourself, hire professionals or use self-moving companies, the more planning and research you do ahead of time, the smoother and more cost-effective your move will be.

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