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What to Tell Your Auto Transport Company

Communication and getting everybody on the same page can ensure a smooth and event-free auto transport. Here is the key information you must provide your auto transport company or broker:

1. All the contacts and telephone numbers available that could be helpful. The driver will not drive about trying to locate you if you can not be contacted by phone.

2. The year, make and model of the vehicle(s) and all Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), License Plate information, registration information, and insurance details. You may want to include the color of the vehicle.

3. Disclose any problems or vehicle quirks or special instructions. Is it inoperable? Are the brakes shot? Is there a steering problem? It is equally important to know if the vehicle has four wheel drive, oversize tires, roll bars, a convertible top. Is there a camper shell or topper of any sort? Is it handicapped equipped or does it have any other unique features. Is there a tool box mounted to the body?

Those items may result in higher transport costs. The Broker will give you a rate based on ALL the information you provide. However, if it is later discovered that there are facts that you failed to disclose you will have to pay the extra costs.

4. It is your responsibility to have accurate directions for your destination. Drivers are usually very good at finding their way around, but they have their limitations. Any information you can give the Driver will make his job easier and ensure your vehicle gets to the final destination.

5. If you have difficulty speaking English. If this is true try to find someone that can help you communicate better. This is particularly important when you are making arrangements with the Driver for pickup or delivery, discussing payment, or giving directions.

6. Keep everyone informed of any changes that occur before the move. Once the vehicle is in tow, a change in plans is usually too late to accommodate.

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