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10 Moving Tips

Moving day can be hectic. But it doesn't have to be. With some smart planning, you can keep your crew of volunteers and hired movers safe and comfortable, making everything go much more smoothly.

  1. Be visible on moving day.
    Never leave before your helpers do. Or, if you must leave, be sure to let your workers know who can answer their questions when you’re not around.
  2. Have extra supplies for the packers. They're there to help you pack, so be sure you've got plenty of moving supplies (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and so on) to let them get the job done. (Tip: moving companies will often let you return materials you don't use.)
  3. Don't overload boxes. Keep the weight of each box reasonable so that one person can easily carry it without any help.
  4. Clearly Mark boxes. Mark boxes "HEAVY: BOOKS" to warn the movers. To avoid spills and breaks, write "FRAGILE" and "THIS END UP." Write the destination room and contents to make unpacking easier. For long distance moves, write your name and destination address on each packing label to be sure the moving company doesn't confuse your boxes with someone else's.
  5. Pad items well. Be sure that sharp edges are covered to avoid injury.
  6. Check the lighting, temperature. Turn on lights and heat or air conditioning to keep your movers comfortable while working in the house.
  7. Use Moving Mats. On rainy or snowy days, guard against wet and muddy surfaces. Moving mats will help protect the floors from dirt and help protect the moving crew from slipping.
  8. Keep Moving Paths Clear. Make it easy for the moving company to work. If necessary, take down stairwell handrails, trim bushes and trees, and prop open gates to aid access. Make sure to tie up the dog, and keep the kids and toys clear of the movers' path.
  9. Vacuum sofa before moving day. It's more pleasant to move a large chair or sofa that isn't overly dusty or covered with animal hair. (Remember to vacuum under the cushions too!)
  10. Have snacks and beverages on hand. Depending on how long your friends and family stay to help, plan for one or more snacks or meals. Feel free to keep it simple. You can even call for takeout or pick up prepared food at a local grocery, deli, or restaurant.

    Be sure to have plenty of beverages on hand too, especially in warm weather, to keep everyone hydrated. Save the beer for after the move to toast a job well done.
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